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"In joining education and experience, reason and play, creativity and choice, the Museum represents an innovation in supporting developing minds by helping children build confidence in their ability to both shape and respond to the wonders around them. By contributing to the Annual Fund, we as parents can send the message that this is the positive direction we want to see for our children’s education and growth, while simultaneously saying “thank you” for this unique asset in our community."

- Lana Porcello, Annual Fund Donor

2014 Annual Fund Donors

Anna and Kevin Abeyta

Chiara Angelicola

Vickie and Phil Barret

Gretchen and John Berggruen

Maureen and Damon Blechen

RJ Casanas

Carrie and Mark Casey

Alecia Castro and Chris Collins

Nicole Britvan Cefali and Dave Cefali

Kirsten Chapman and Sean Hamer

Katherine Chun and Frank Huang

Lauren Cooper

Patty and Ian Cooper

Lisa and Paul Corning

Sonya and Chris Danne

Chelsea and Jon de St. Paer

Maria Pia DeLeon and William Scheidecker

Juanita and Anil Dewan

Daisy and Jeremy Downs

Wendy and Dale Duncan

Jennifer and Sean Duquemin

Michelle and Paul Dyliacco

Tracy Ebbert and Thomas Holden

Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt

Maria Eivers and Greg Medley

Martenza and Michael Faer

Alexander and Wendy Fraser

Amber Friesen

Georgann Fuller

Britt Galler and Jeffrey Caspary

Lisa and Benjamin Garosi

Teri and Andy Goodman

Mary and Phillip Graf

Kelly Grimes

Kathleen and Stefan Hackett

Jen Hamilton and Seth Boro

Kelly Hayashi and Chris Stori

Gwen Hinze and Ernest Chow

Jennifer and Tom Horner

Garrett Jaeger

Heather and Sanjay Jain

Kirsten and Kyle Johnstone

Margaret and Reese Jones

Alicia and Thomas Klein

Sharon and Noah Klein

Shannon Klingelhoffer

Erin and David Lampert

Aubrey and Jeff Leh

Lisette and Greg Lehman

Anne Leschin and Manuel Lopez

Grace Leung and Patrick Calahan

Nellie and Max Levchin

Amy Levin and Keith Abeles

Helen Lin

Sarah Lind

Kelly Martin and Brad Griebenow

Jerika Masangkay

Anne Mason and Matthew Jacobs

Lija and Mike McBride

Courtney Minick and Brandon Long

Krista and Aaron Moatz

Lilian and D.B. Murray

Caroline Myers

Claire Nelson

Theresa Nelson and Bernard Smits

Peter Niederberger

Megan and Matthew Nishibori

Amanda Oakson

Marisa Rodriguez Paine and Alexander Paine

Anne and Ziv Peled

Sarah and Laura Pruden

Kiesha Ramey-Presner and Brad Presner

Jodi Riviera and Brian Buchanan

Jill Robertson and Jason Schulte

Julia Russell

Nelle Sacknoff and Asher McInerney

Lee and Justin Sadrian

Lindsay Saito

Lauren and Ben Schnayerson

Ric Schoon

Maggie and Brian Sedar

Paige and Garrett Smith

Wendy and Jay St. Claire

Ladan Vakili and John Herschleb

Brandy Vause

Linda Vause

Deborah and Michael White

Brigitta and Mark Whiting

Barbara Wilkes

Tiana Wimmer and Warren Leiden

Lea Wood

Marie and Kevin Yuann

Pacific Gas & Electric

Pasadena High School Student Body

Speak to Me, LLC

Union City Leisure Services

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