Enjoy Spring Break at the Bay Area Discovery Museum During Special Hours

The Bay Area Discovery Museum will be open Mondays on March 30, April 6 and April 13 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

To accommodate children and their families enjoying Spring Break, the Bay Area Discovery Museum will be open to the public on three Mondays, March 30, April 6 and April 13 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Visitors can enjoy the special exhibition Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites, participate in a multi-layer collage art project inspired by local artist Val Briton and explore a shipwreck and sea cave in Lookout Cove.

Just four and a half miles north of San Francisco’s Presidio, the Bay Area Discovery Museum makes an trip from all points in the Bay Area. Located on Fort Baker in Sausalito, the sweeping views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcratraz can’t be missed. Pack a lunch for a picnic at Horseshoe Cove or enjoy the on-site café. For more information about the Bay Area Discovery Museum, please visit www.baykidsmuseum.org.

About the Bay Area Discovery Museum

Creative thinking begins early in every child’s life. It enables original thought and the ability to see solutions where others don’t. It unlocks possibilities and fosters innovation. It provides the fundamental building blocks for success in school and beyond.

The Bay Area Discovery Museum is designed to ignite creative thinking in children. The 7.5 acres of natural beauty inspires families to engage in a world of possibilities. Framed by the majestic backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge, the museum is a space for imaginations to run wild. Every curated detail of our exhibits brings creative thinking to life for all stages of childhood. Navigate winding tunnels to develop physical and intellectual risk-taking skills. Feel the rush of cold-water tide pools that surprise and awaken curiosity. Imagine new worlds by transforming into a spider, a ship captain, or a bridge builder. At every turn is a new opportunity to challenge the boundaries of creativity.

Now we are taking these experiences beyond our physical location. We launched the Center for Childhood Creativity in 2011 to pioneer new research, thought-leadership, and teacher training programs that advance creative thinking in all children—extending our impact beyond the Museum. 

Our mission: To ignite and advance creative thinking for all children. 

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