STEM Workshops and STEM Intensives Topics

Fairy Tale Engineering (TK-3rd)*

STEM Workshop  |  STEM Intensive

Young engineers engage directly with the design thinking process as they work collaboratively to solve problems for beloved fairy tale characters.

*STEM Intensive includes a deeper exploration of the iterative design process.

Explore the Shore (K-3)*

STEM Workshop  |  STEM Intensive

Young biologists will investigate the animals and plants in the intertidal zone of Horseshoe Cove, the Museum’s historic waterfront, and will apply their discoveries to design a creature with adaptive features that would help it thrive in this unique habitat. Note: Explore the Shore takes place at the Museum and cannot be adapted to the classroom.

*STEM Intensive includes a deeper exploration of the intertidal zone and its inhabitants through the scientific inquiry process

Measurement and Me (Pre-K-1st)*

STEM Workshop

Young mathematicians will compare, contrast, count and measure as they investigate how tall, long, wide and heavy things are in the world around them.

Nature Studio (Pre-K-K)

STEM Workshop

Young naturalists will discover the rich variety of interesting patterns, textures and shapes found in nature. Hands-on, early science and math activities offer opportunities to compare, classify and identify.

Outdoor Learning Lab (Pre-K-K)

STEM Workshop

Young naturalists will activate all their senses, engage in science inquiry processes and build vocabulary in this child-directed, risk-friendly exploration of the outdoors. Activities include an investigation of the characteristics of soil, water and clay—come prepared for messy play!

Push, Pull, Crash! (Pre-K-1st)

STEM Workshop

Young scientists will experiment with push and pull to cause and avoid collisions, create art and engage in exploration of the powers of force and friction.

Stretch It, Shape It, Grow It (K-3)

STEM Workshop

Young neuroscientists will learn about their amazing brains! Through story, movement, discussion and creative activities, students will learn how practice, taking risks and making mistakes are important for tackling new challenges, from soccer practice to solving math problems.

Ten in My Toolbox (K-1st)*

STEM Workshop  |  STEM Intensive

Young mathematicians will engage with a rich variety of activities to strengthen their understanding of the composition and decomposition of the wonderful number ten.

*STEM Intensive includes a deeper exploration of base ten with further integration of math literature, art and movement activities.

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