Flarp Recipe


12 cups Warm Water 

4-5 cups White Glue 

2-3 tsp. Borax 

Liquid Water Color or Food Coloring (optional) 

Glitter (optional) 



  • In a large container combine and mix: 
    • 12 cups very warm water 
    • 2-3 tsp. Borax 
    • A few drops of food coloring 
    • 3 tsp liquid watercolor 
    • GLITTER (a couple sprinkles should do it!)
  • Make sure this combination is completely mixed and the Borax is completely dissolved.  
  • Pour glue as needed and mix with hands to achieve desired consistency.

  • Pull Flarp out of the starter mix and into a separate tub. 

  • Play! 

*Store Flarp in a plastic airtight container for future use. This recipe can last up to 3 weeks when kept properly. 

**White Vinegar in a spray bottle is a great easy clean up tool and will help remove Flarp from clothes.** 

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