Lookout Cove Artists

Fish Skeleton

Fish Skeleton

Artist Ben Trautman created a 12-foot-long, 250-pound steel fish skeleton that "swims" when you turn the crank.

Willow Sculpture

Willow Sculpture

The magical willow maze Haywire in Lookout Cove -- a temporary living sculpture by the artist Patrick Dougherty -- has lasted three times longer than we expected. In spring of 2011, it was time to say goodbye. Now, we welcome the Patrick Dougherty's latest installation at the Musuem, Peekaboo Palace, built in January 2012.



An 800-square-foot central mosaic created by artist Pippa Murray references the other areas of Lookout Cove, such as sea life and parts of the shipwreck, and is a great spot for a picnic lunch.



Inspired by the dream of flight as a child, San Francisco-based artist Michael Brown built a wind activated exhibition that includes nine sculpted metal raptor birds mounted on poles that float nine to 12 feet off the ground.

stone frog

Stone Frog

Based on local frogs at Fort Baker, Berkeley-based artist and sculptor Marcia Donahue carved a stone frog weighing over two tons out of solid California granite for Lookout Cove’s Glen area.

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